Writing 101: Favourite meal

I’m meant to write about a meal that marked a special occasion in my childhood, but I don’t think we had that kind of thing. However, we do have a favourite family meal – which is…



Now, when I first told my husband about this he recalled a hideous can of the stuff that he ate at his grandpa’s as a child. I in no way endorse the eating of macaroni cheese bought in a tin from a shop! What we like is good old home-made from scratch macaroni cheese. But it wasn’t always this way.

You know how finicky young children are. They are often unwilling even to try a new dish. So it was with me and macaroni cheese. My mother used to put it in the oven till the top was crispy brown cheesiness. But I decided this was too revolting to risk eating. So the rest of the family ate delicious macaroni cheese while I dined on boiled potatoes with grated cheese poured over. Don’t get me wrong, I really like it. But one day I dared taste the beast that is macaroni cheese. I LOVED it! No more boiled potatoes with grated cheese for me! I was an official afficionado. Macaroni cheese for me all the way!

It’s a family favourite, and all my brothers and sisters love it except for my eldest who claims not to like cheese. How weird is that? Also, the next generation has spawned certain other haters such as my eldest nephew who detests macaroni cheese. My youngest nephew is also showing such twisted tendencies. Fortunately, I have not had to disown any of my children. They all fall on the stuff.

So whenever you eat delicious home-made macaroni cheese, think of me.


P.S. Whenever you eat shop-bought canned poison purporting to be macaroni cheese, vomit in the nearest bin. And DON’T think of me!


2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Favourite meal

  1. Fabulous. Love your style and sense of humor. My daughter is a boxed macaroni and cheese lover…it breaks my heart. Good thing she’s a cutie or we’d have to disown her.

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