Honey, I bought a house!

The momentous day has arrived. I received a phonecall this morning to say that we had completed. I was free to collect the house keys, which were with the vendor’s solicitor. They used a firm of solicitors in a nearby town, fifteen minutes drive from the house. The particular member of the firm with whom our vendors were dealing has been the bane of ours and our solicitor’s life this past few weeks. We agreed on a completion date, and our poor solicitor has been trying to exchange contracts for weeks. They finally got exchanged yesterday, which I thought was cutting it a bit fine.

I drove over for the keys, only to find the solicitor reluctant to part with both the keys. He couldn’t get his head around the fact that our neighbours won’t be needing a key to our back door! He kept their front door key and one of our back door keys for when the neighbours complete! Nevermind! We’ll probably change the lock (as in fact he advised).

I am now absolutely exhausted after spending most of the afternoon at the house. At least the last of the vegetable seedlings have been planted.


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