Writing101: They’ve taken over Crufts!!

OH NO!! I’ve just read that the “Make Dogs Suffer” pressure group has bought the rights to Crufts off the Kennel Club! They’ve rescinded the recent rules on docking of tails. All the breeds that traditionally have docked tails must have their tails docked to enter the shows. That’s the end of long bushy spaniel tails, and we’ll be looking straight up rottweillers’ bums again. But worse still, all the other breeds have to have their tails docked too!

Instead of jogging round the ring with their dogs strung from slip leads, exhibitors must have a minimum of three electric shock collars attached to their dogs! If they fail to comply, they’ll have the collars fitted to them!

I would list all the other atrocities, but I’ve got to hurry down to Crufts and get my German Shepherd before they dock and fry her…


4 thoughts on “Writing101: They’ve taken over Crufts!!

  1. Classic! Our dog has a ridiculously fluffy long tail that she raises like a flag when she’s proud of herself (usually for barking at nothing or chasing a squirrel up a tree). No rottweiller bums, thank you!

  2. Thank goodness this was fiction! Looking at my poor pooch, I was hoping she wouldn’t get “docked and fryed”! Good job!

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