Writing 101: Lost and found

My little boy collects cuddly stuffed turtles – or really any turtle. I had to take the hard ones away a couple of weeks ago as he hit his sister with them. But I know where they are, so they’re not lost.

Nobody knows where Daddy Shelly is. He is a yellow turtle with a brown shell and great big hooded eyes. He’s Daddy because there’s a smaller version of the same called Shelly, and a tiny keyring version called Baby Shelly. Shelly and Baby Shelly are brothers.

We moved house a few months ago, and I think that’s when Daddy Shelly disappeared. We had so much junk in the old house, and most of it is stored in the garage of the house we are now renting. The garage is a solid block of “stuff”. It has a window in the side, through which we can see the baby’s highchair and a multiude of other “stuff”. Could Daddy Shelly be in there? Well, maybe. But I can’t search in there because there is no path in. When I first began putting our belongings in there it seemed orderly, as if we might be able to fetch things out if we needed them. But it is now so full that we can’t enter.

My little boy is very sad about losing his turtle. Each of his turtles is precious and alive, not just a toy. He worries about Daddy Shelly. A lot of the time he seems to forget, but then he’ll have a sad time when he cries for Daddy Shelly. I wish we could find him for my little boy. I don’t see how we can have left him behind when we moved. There is just the dreaded possibility that my son could have taken him out somewhere and dropped him without any of us noticing.

Maybe somewhere there is a “Lost & Found” place with a small stuffed toy turtle, yellow with a brown shell. His name is Daddy Shelly. Please take care of him and treat him well. He is greatly missed, and we hope to have him home soon.


2 thoughts on “Writing 101: Lost and found

  1. This was great. We had a dog named Bagel (she was a Beagle), so my son’s first stuffed animal was a Beagle named Other One Bagel. And then someone bought the same stuffie for my daughter (3 years younger, so this stuffie was MUCH cleaner!) and they named it Other Other One Bagel. It was my favorite thing to listen to them in the backseat talking to or about those stuffed dogs. And thankfully, we have managed to hang on to them. I said a prayer for Daddy Shelly – I hope he comes out of hibernation soon.

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