Writing 101: Diary for a week (fiction)

Sunday: Mum said write a diary practise expressing yourself. She gave me this book to write in. I wrote in it.

Monday: Mum said you don’t know what it’s like having to look after an autistic child all day in school break while you’re at work. My ears hurt because she was loud. Dad was loud too and I had a headache. I jumped in my room. Mum was loud and said don’t jump. She said neighbours complain. I jumped on sidewalk.

Tuesday: Mum was loud. I jumped on sidewalk. Mrs Pauley was loud. People pulled her outside. Everybody was loud. I screamed louder and jumped more. A dog barked. Mrs Pauley screamed. Mum hugged me hard. I didn’t like it. Everybody was loud. I bit Mum. People grabbed and pulled me. Mrs Pauley said he’s frightened I’ve raised six boys and Michael was autistic he’s just special be gentle with him. People went away and Mum let go of me. Mrs Pauley went away with a trolley with things in.

Wednesday: Everybody was quiet. Mum said Mrs Pauley is a dear old lady she didn’t deserve to be evicted her sons should have helped her out. Mum talked a lot but she wasn’t loud. I didn’t jump and I didn’t scream.

Thursday: Mum took me to Mrs Pauley’s new house. Mrs Pauley said I will mind him if you pay me I wish I didn’t have to ask but you know I don’t have anything coming in now. Mum and I went home. Mum said you’re going to be spending a lot of time with Mrs Pauley during school break she’s a dear you’ll love spending time with her.

Friday: Mrs Pauley took me to the library. I liked it. Mrs Pauley said with this card you can get out any book you like it’s a whole new world you can go anywhere you dream of. I didn’t like it. Some dreams are bad and I don’t want to go there. I jumped and screamed. Mrs Pauley said come home now.

Saturday: Mum said you’ve written your diary for a week you don’t have to do it anymore.


4 thoughts on “Writing 101: Diary for a week (fiction)

  1. What a unique take on this! I can’t imagine what an autistic child would go through, but suspect it’s close to what you describe. I especially like the diary style, too. Good way to tell the story. Very good indeed!

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