Random thoughts about tigers

OK, a bit random, but here goes…

I am very interested in animal behaviour, ecology, and that kind of thing. I sat with my daughter when she was off school a couple of years ago and we watched a series about tigers called “Tiger – Spy in the Jungle”. It was all about the life of a female tiger while she raised her three cubs. And how was it filmed? Using cameras carried by elephants, who are able (even with riders) to get relatively close to tigers without disturbing them as much as a human on foot would. So we had Tusk Cam, Trunk Cam, and also inanimate cams such as Log Cam. My daughter was highly entertained by all these cams.

According to the programme the female tiger spends two years raising each litter of cubs. It is only at age two that the cubs go off to live independently, and by that time the female is usually pregnant again.

The adult female shares her territory with a resident male. They don’t live together, and infrequently come into contact. However, they allow each other to exist, and remate together.

So how the Hell do we get that tigers are solitary animals, as so often is said? Let me summarise:
1)The adult female tiger spends almost her entire life with her offspring.
2)The adult male and female have at least a loose association, and for all we know they communicate in ways we don’t realise such as by scent or long-range sounds.
3)At most we have unsociable grumpy old man male tigers!

So maybe we ought to rethink the private lives of tigers.


One thought on “Random thoughts about tigers

  1. You just made me realize how much I miss watching that kind of thing with my daughter…she still gets sucked in by anything about sharks, but we used to watch any animal documentary, any time, all the time. Those were snuggle times. I learned almost nothing except how much I loved the smell of the top of her head or how much I loved to braid her hair….feeling nostalgic. And a little bit peeved about the rep of the poor tiger! Fun observations!

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